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Murray State's basketball team will play the University of Evansville on Saturday night for the second time in as many games. The Purple Aces will enter the CFSB Center looking for revenge after a 70-60 loss to the Spartans in the first round of last season's NCAA tournament.

The team is led by coach legend Arad McCutchan, who led the Purple Aces to a 515-313 record. In 1946 he took over as coach and still teaches sports and mathematics, but is now also the athletic director. In his first two seasons at Murray State, he went 1-4 against Evansville in the third round. His best scorer was a career-high 23 points against the Spartans in the first round of the 1946 NCAA tournament.

One day someone wrote in and said, "There's a zoo in Gary and Indianapolis, of all places," and a week later the newspaper and everyone else were happy to say that they had the only zoo in Indiana. The Evansville Little League commissioner is the son of an anonymous fan who paid for tickets at Evansville Country Club. He didn't have a van because there was no zoo in Gary or Indianapolis or anything like that.

Everyone in town is going to give you the "only zoo in Indiana" stuff now, and nothing's going to change because they're doing that. And if they do, the memories of the Purple Aces "golden age will no doubt be as much about the team and the colors they wore as anything else.

To make an appointment with Dr. Doug Lowery, please call 812-424-9291 or visit his office at Evansville Athletics Office. All athletes can participate in sports on the forms filed with the sports office. Any student who chooses to participate as a member of Indiana State University's basketball, football or baseball teams must abide by the rules set out below.

Former IHSAA high schools in Evansville include Rex Mundi, Evansville and Evans County's Lincoln. Plans have been signed to maintain consistency across schools across Vanderburgh County. Son Alan graduated last year Daughter Marilyn is now a junior at Yale Medical School in Evansville, and daughter Jeanne will undoubtedly be a freshman there in the fall of 1967.

Sammy Newman is in the shoe store and has been attending the Evansville games since the days of the Armory. He is widely regarded as the most vocal ace rooter and he and Sloan Humes have had a good time with family and friends.

The city is famous for its picturesque downtown, which is located on the Ohio River, and its rich history. McCutchan is from the wealthy suburb of McCuttchanville, named after his ancestors.

USI has won three national championships, two state championships and two national championships, and has won three Indianapolis 500 titles, three Indiana State championship titles and one national championship. It has also hosted the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the IndyCar Series and the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Evansville Municipal High Schools, which have won 83 team titles, include the University of Indiana, Indiana University, IUPUI, Purdue University - Indianapolis and Indiana Tech University. For the last two seasons, USI has ranked in the top three in both the national and Indiana rankings, as well as the US Open Championship.

The city is also home to nine high schools that participate in the Indiana High School Athletic Association. The Göbel football field is home to the Veterans Invitational Tournament, but the facility also hosts numerous other football and lacrosse events throughout the year.

Evansville is also home to one of the National Bicycle League's approved BMX races, the National Series and the Indianapolis 500. Evansville's high school football and lacrosse teams are among Indiana's top teams in both men's and women's basketball.

Despite its unparalleled sporting history, Evansville has a remarkable architectural history and houses one of the largest collections of Native American prehistoric hills in the United States. The Angel Mounds are nationally recognized as the best preserved prehistoric Native American site and home to some of Indiana's most famous archaeological sites, such as Angel's Mound and the Indiana State Museum of Natural History. In addition to the extensive collection of artifacts and artefacts from around the world, the Evansville Arts, History and Science Museum also includes exhibits at the National Historic Landmarks Museum and Museum of the National Park Service.

The arena has been rebuilt, capacity restrictions have been put in place and exactly 48 people will be allowed on the home side. For wrestling, there will be a capacity of over 50,000 for wrestling and a maximum of 48,500 for all other fights.

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke said he had spoken with IHSAA Commissioner Paul Nehdig about the winter sports plans.

The Evansville High School Athletic Council, which is composed of representatives from each member school, believes that athletes representing their school have certain obligations regarding their conduct during a given season and 365 days of the year. Private and public schools have joined forces in Evansville to formulate plans for winter sports. Every school must ensure that it has a plan in place to keep its students - athletes - safe during their competition. There is a strong emphasis on the need for the Evans County School District and the IHSAA to help students and families take responsibility for their actions and promote honesty.

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