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Indian food is known to have a very spicy, strong flavour, with generous amounts of herbs and spices added to each dish. As this is a review, I know there are many local flavors, but I love to talk about food here, so I recommend enjoying lunch on the pedestrian downtown walkway and plan to visit the food stalls this fall.

Charlie's Mongolian BBQ and ethnic food can be intimidating, but they make it easy by allowing you to choose the ingredients that fit into each meal. Kayleigh Kuster said: 'You can choose exactly what's in each dish, it's very customisable and everything is fresh.

American dinners are also served here, along with steaks and burgers, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds under one roof. The Taj Mahal behaves like any other Indian restaurant, but some of our customers "top picks are the chicken chops, chicken tikka masala and the chutney and dal.

The girls got hard-shell tacos, enchiladas and rice for $5 and shared the children's meals, and my husband got the same with pork. Other appetizers for our group were grilled chicken breast, chicken and pork chops, pork ribs and bayou shrimp, which was a blast. My friends picked Macs and cheese for their side and I tried it and thought it was good too, so I decided to try it.

If you're looking for a menu that a whole group can enjoy, there are a few restaurants within a 5-mile radius of the marina. My wife said they were all excellent and ate so much that I could taste the pictures. We decided to find out what we might not have thought when we were eaten, but we did it so well.

The family-run House of Como restaurant serves a wide range of burgers, sandwiches, salads and a variety of other dishes. They serve typical American cuisine, including cheeseburgers, steaks and pizza, but they try to sell the best fried chicken. Their popular American classic is served with chicken wings, macs and cheese, hot dogs, burgers and chips, as well as a few salads.

The Green Room offers a very casual and cosy atmosphere, while the Tillich Room, named after the philosopher Paul Tillich, offers a good all-round view of the lake. In fine weather, you can sit on the outdoor terrace and enjoy a drink at sunset or sit down at the bar and grill, located on Waterworks Road in Marina Pointe, which is operated by a water sports rental company. In addition to the restaurant's classified dining room, the main salon has an outdoor terrace with a large outdoor terrace and offers great views over Lake Erie and the city of Evansville. Many of us have praised the Mediterranean cafe in Newburgh, but the software engineer Tom Ballard says it best.

Old Chicago is a restaurant that you will always return to, ideal for an evening with your loved ones or a live sports game. The Log Inn is one of the places Abraham Lincoln visited, and the dining room offers great views of Lake Erie and the city of Evansville. It serves as the only attraction in the restaurant, but there are many other attractions, such as an outdoor terrace overlooking the lake and a bar.

Gerst Haus (gersthaus.com) opened its doors in 1995 and served a wide selection of meats, cheeses and other food and drink. The family-run casual restaurant offers a "Pig Package" for four to 16 people. Kippleys (Kipplees. Com) opened in 1995 as a family business, but four years later another restaurant opened on the same property.

If you're in Marina Pointe in summer, the Tiki Bar & Grill (ovwatersports.com) serves hot and cold food for boaters and the public. If you want a more casual experience such as a warm or cold beer or a wine list, this is available in the restaurant.

The special thing about this place is that it is super budget friendly and the food does not disappoint. It may not be extraordinarily cheap, but I firmly believe that there are some of the best pizza in the world because they are careful to use high-quality ingredients. Dan Sullivan's Money Beats Spankey's, and I'm a big fan of their pizza, too What makes it special for me is the fact that they are super - budget friendly.

As accountant Arlene Helming put it: "If you have a big, loud group, the hacienda gets my vote. The well-trained and friendly staff prepares and delivers the best food in town, as well as a wide selection of craft beers and wines. The fantastic Cork Cleaver restaurant is built on great food, great service and some of the most talented staff in town.

You could get very loud and energetic here, but expect to find friends while drinking special craft beers with friends. While Gerst Haus offers countless imported bottled beers and wines, the beer menu offers a wide selection of beers to choose from, ranging from local and imported beers to specialty beers from all over the world.

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